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  • Genere: Commedia
  • Stagioni: 5
  • Episodi: 116
  • Durata: 30 min
  • Creatori: Michael G. Moye

Stagione Corrente

Season 5

Season 5

23 settembre 1989
  • Anteprima Take My Diva . . . Please!
    S05 E01 Take My Diva . . . Please! 23 set 1989

    Mary's organized a charity benefit featuring Diva Beverly Morris. Now she's a prima donna and Mary's worried that if she finds out that Sandra's dating her former boyfriend, Armand she'll back out. So she tries to keep her from finding out but when they end up in the powder room together things get hairy.

  • Anteprima Episodio 2
    S05 E02 Tenants, Anyone? 30 set 1989
  • Anteprima Episodio 3
    S05 E03 A Pampered Tale 14 ott 1989
  • Anteprima Episodio 4
    S05 E04 The Fight of the Century 21 ott 1989
  • Anteprima Episodio 5
    S05 E05 How the West Was Fun (1) 28 ott 1989
  • Anteprima Episodio 6
    S05 E06 How the West Was Fun (2) 4 nov 1989
  • Anteprima Episodio 7
    S05 E07 Video Activity 11 nov 1989
  • Anteprima Episodio 8
    S05 E08 Flying Down to Leo's 18 nov 1989
  • Anteprima Episodio 9
    S05 E09 Reunion Blues 25 nov 1989
  • Anteprima Episodio 10
    S05 E10 The Perfume Game 2 dic 1989
  • Anteprima Episodio 11
    S05 E11 War is Heck 9 dic 1989
  • Anteprima Guess Who's Not Coming to Christmas
    S05 E12 Guess Who's Not Coming to Christmas 16 dic 1989

    Mary decides to invite her landlord Julian to her Christmas Eve bash in hopes of livening things up.

  • Anteprima Episodio 13
    S05 E13 There Go the Clowns 23 dic 1989
  • Anteprima Episodio 14
    S05 E14 Come the Revolution 30 dic 1989
  • Anteprima Episodio 15
    S05 E15 Where Do We Go From Here? 6 gen 1990
  • Anteprima Episodio 16
    S05 E16 Play Christy for Me 13 gen 1990
  • Anteprima Episodio 17
    S05 E17 Knock It Off 27 gen 1990
  • Anteprima Do Not Pass Go (1)
    S05 E18 Do Not Pass Go (1) 3 feb 1990

    Everyone goes to Atlantic City for a Luther Vandross concert for Pearl's birthday. While there, Mary goes on a lucky streak at gambling. Lester decided to go into business with Julian in owning part of a promising boxer. Pearl looks for Luther Vandross, but when a mob goes after Luther, her antique diamond brooch is stolen. Brenda & Calvin try sneaking into the casino in hopes of winning a new car. Travis finds out that his tickets for the Luther Vandross concert weren't ordered and decided to enter a comedy contest to win tickets for Pearl. Meanwhile Warren has planned a special weekend for Rose, and he asks her to marry him. When she goes to tell her friends, Warren make a pass at another woman and is spotted by Mary. But before Mary can tell Rose, Rose asks her to be her matron of honor.

  • Anteprima Do Not Pass Go (2)
    S05 E19 Do Not Pass Go (2) 10 feb 1990

    Mary's luck runs out in Atlantic City and she loses all of her winnings, including $3000 she promised Lester. Meanwhile, Warren and the mystery woman meet again and Rose spots them in a compromising position. She breaks off the engagement, but since neither will accept the ring, Mary takes it for safe-keeping. Travis gets stage fright at the comedy show and Dylan takes his place. He wins, but is disqualified because he never officially entered making Pearl lose out on seeing Luther. After confessing to Lester she lost all her money, Mary notices Rose's ring has been stolen. Mary stops the woman and it turns out she is the woman Warren had been seeing. Warren admits he was seeing her because he knew she was the jewel thief who stole Pearl's brooch, and even Luther Vandross' watch, so she would let her guard down. Rose & Warren get married in Atlantic City afterall. At the wedding, Luther comes to thank Mary for getting him his watch back, and in return he agrees to sing at the wed

  • Anteprima Episodio 20
    S05 E20 You Gotta Have Art 17 feb 1990
  • Anteprima Episodio 21
    S05 E21 Gone Fishing 24 feb 1990
  • Anteprima Episodio 22
    S05 E22 Nightmare on 227 21 apr 1990
  • Anteprima The Class of '90
    S05 E23 The Class of '90 29 apr 1990

    Just before Brenda gets ready to graduate high school, Mary is rushed to the hospital with appendicitis. Mary gets a lesson in plastic surgery from her roomie; and Lester gives low marks to his father's girlfriend.

  • Anteprima No Place Like Home
    S05 E24 No Place Like Home 6 mag 1990

    Mary dreams that she's homeless after misinterpreting a plea for help from a street person (homeless advocate Theodore Hayes) as a threat to her safety.