Poster Riverboat


  • Genere: Western
  • Stagioni: 2
  • Episodi: 44
  • Durata: 60 min

Stagione Corrente

Season 2

Season 2

19 settembre 1960
  • Anteprima End of a Dream
    S02 E01 End of a Dream 19 set 1960

    Fast talking Martinus Van der Brig persuades Holden and Bill Blake, the riverboat's new pilot, to transport a group of pioneers to some new territory, recently purchased from Mr. Van der Brig.

  • Anteprima That Taylor Affair
    S02 E02 That Taylor Affair 26 set 1960

    Milton Frome, Holden and Blake have an idea for making the Enterprise famous by shanghaiing President Zachary Taylor. They get some help from a girl named Lucy Belle.

  • Anteprima The Two Faces of Grey Holden
    S02 E03 The Two Faces of Grey Holden 3 ott 1960

    To Captain Holden, his romance with Marie Tourette was just a pleasant interlude, until he discovers she is passing him off as her fiancé. While her family is in on the deception, they expect Grey to follow through and marry

  • Anteprima River Champion
    S02 E04 River Champion 10 ott 1960

    Gentleman Dan Muldoon is backing Dublin Boy against Gunner Stagle for the bare-knuckle championship of the river. Before the fight, Dublin Boy proves to have a glass jaw, when flattened by Grey, thus forcing the captain to take his place in the ring. Grey triumphs and becomes ""river champion.""

  • Anteprima No Bridge on the River
    S02 E05 No Bridge on the River 24 ott 1960

    There was no bridge on the river to Captain Holden's knowledge, but someone has constructed a railroad trestle over the water. When the Enterprise runs into its pilings, Holden sues for damages, finding himself in court against a young lawyer named Abraham Lincoln.

  • Anteprima Trunk Full of Dreams
    S02 E06 Trunk Full of Dreams 31 ott 1960

    Sir Oliver Garnett and Juliet, his young companion, are shipwrecked actors. Captain Holden fishes them out of the river and books them as entertainers aboard the Enterprise.

  • Anteprima The Water of Gorgeous Springs
    S02 E07 The Water of Gorgeous Springs 7 nov 1960

    The feuding families of Jennings and Cox are going to a fair, and Holden unwittingly books both families on the Enterprise. Now Grey has to act as peacemaker or have the riverboat wrecked by gunfire.

  • Anteprima Devil in Skirts
    S02 E08 Devil in Skirts 21 nov 1960

    If Grey will lure a belle named Lucinda away from Colonel Ashley's son Tony, the colonel will provide a profitable cotton cargo for the Enterprise. Unfortunately, Lucinda overhears the proposition.

  • Anteprima The Quota
    S02 E09 The Quota 28 nov 1960

    Army Sgt. Dan Phillips is trying to recruit new members for his platoon. Using a convincing argument - a hit on the head - he has filled all but two spots in his quota. And he has eyes on Phelan, one of Grey's crewmen, for one of those spots.

  • Anteprima Chicota Landing
    S02 E10 Chicota Landing 5 dic 1960

    The Enterprise arrives at Chicota Landing with a cargo of gunpowder for the Army. Before they can unload it, the boat is taken over by a gang of Mexican bandits led by Juan Cortilla.

  • Anteprima Duel on the River
    S02 E11 Duel on the River 12 dic 1960

    Brian Cloud monopolizes all the cotton crop in the area, and Laurie Rawlings, the wife of a cotton planter, doesn't like being under Cloud's thumb.

  • Anteprima Zigzag
    S02 E12 Zigzag 26 dic 1960

    In town to have an aching tooth removed, Carney stops at the saloon for a bolstering drink. This makes him late for the dentist, so Blake undertakes to separate Carney from his tooth.

  • Anteprima Listen to the Nightingale
    S02 E13 Listen to the Nightingale 2 gen 1961

    Norwegian songbird Julie Lang wants to take her troupe to New Orleans for an engagement, but she has no money. Grey finally agrees to take the troupe aboard the Enterprise, for an IOU against their New Orleans receipts. Along the way, a future crewman of another famous ship called Enterprise, steals her jewelry.