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Franc Frac e Giancanino


Stagione Corrente

Stagione 3

Stagione 3

12 settembre 1964
  • Anteprima Episodio 1
    S03 E01 The Big Drip 2 ott 1965
  • Anteprima Episodio 2
    S03 E02 Boning Up 9 ott 1965
  • Anteprima Episodio 3
    S03 E03 Smilin' Yak's Sky Service 16 ott 1965
  • Anteprima Episodio 4
    S03 E04 Teddy Bear Trouble 23 ott 1965
  • Anteprima Episodio 5
    S03 E05 Sword Play 30 ott 1965
  • Anteprima Episodio 6
    S03 E06 Phunnie Munnie 6 nov 1965
  • Anteprima Episodio 7
    S03 E07 The Romance of Plymouth Rock 13 nov 1965
  • Anteprima Episodio 8
    S03 E08 The Zoolympics 20 nov 1965
  • Anteprima The Tree Trimmers
    S03 E09 The Tree Trimmers 27 nov 1965

    On Christmas Eve, Stanley Livingston orders Tennessee and Chumley to guide the arriving tree trimmers to the Christmas tree. Tennessee and Chumley trim the tree with the help of Yakkety and Baldy until the ornaments are destroyed. Tennessee and Chumley ask Phineas J. Whoopee for help on making ornaments.

  • Anteprima Goblins Will Get You
    S03 E10 Goblins Will Get You 4 dic 1965

    Following a trick-or-treating on Halloween, Tennessee eats too much candy and dreams that he is in a haunted forest with an evil witch and her goblin servants. They learn about maple syrup.

  • Anteprima The Cheap Skates
    S03 E11 The Cheap Skates 11 dic 1965

    Wanting ice skates, Tennessee Tuxedo, and his friends, Chumley, Yak, and Baldy try producing an ice show for Sewonya Button (Yak's cousin), but need to learn how to build a rink first.

  • Anteprima Going Up
    S03 E12 Going Up 18 dic 1965

    Washington's Birthday celebration causes the friends to try putting a Liberty Bell decoration atop a zoo tower. They learn about elevators (cab, pulley, counterweight).

  • Anteprima Monster from Another Planet
    S03 E13 Monster from Another Planet 25 dic 1965

    Tiger, wanting a better life, pretends to be an extraterrestrial, forcing Tennessee & Chumley into servitude. They learn about spacemen.

  • Anteprima Signed and Sealed
    S03 E14 Signed and Sealed 8 gen 1966

    Tennessee's cousin Percy is coming to visit. Needing money to fix up their place, the friends rent to Big Bill Bailey with a crafty four-week lease. They learn about leases and contracts, and ultimately learn that Percy can be a demanding guest.

  • Anteprima The Barbers
    S03 E15 The Barbers 8 gen 1966

    Tennessee buys a barber shop and he and Chumley go to work as barbers. They get Rocky Maninoff as a customer, who wants them to make him a new man, or else. Tennessee and Chumley turn to Phineas J. Whoopee for help in haircutting and applying specific make-up.

  • Anteprima Catch a Falling Hammock
    S03 E16 Catch a Falling Hammock 15 gen 1966

    The guys learn about termites that are causing the trees holding their hammock to fall. They learn about termites.

  • Anteprima Peace and Quiet
    S03 E17 Peace and Quiet 22 gen 1966

    An employment agency promises jobs to the pair, but they manage to fail at all of them.

  • Anteprima Robot Revenge
    S03 E18 Robot Revenge 29 gen 1966

    Yak and Baldy build robots to do their work. Tennessee and Chumley turn to Phineas J. Whoopee, who tells them about hearts.

  • Anteprima There Auto Be a Law
    S03 E19 There Auto Be a Law 5 feb 1966

    The guys build a car for an auto race, and decide to make and sell copies of the car to pay the entrance fee. They learn about production line manufacturing.

  • Anteprima Samantha
    S03 E20 Samantha 12 feb 1966

    Chumley falls in love and Whoopee tries teaching him about the finer points of etiquette and deportment.